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Born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, I learned early on the power of books and being well read from my mom. It was just a mindset, when it doubt or not sure of the particular subject we ventured to the library to start researching. A special treat was to go to the local bookstore. This love of books has remained with me to this day…Read More

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The 10 Great Websites…

It amazes me even today the lack of initiative of individuals who just take the easy road all the time and not put in the work to learn something new.

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Slow Carb Eating – Personal Experiment

The world of food and diets – Slow Carb, Gluten Free, no “White”, no sugar, Paleo, my question was how would they work for a long distance endurance athlete?

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Entrepreneurial Journey…

Most of us that are involved in sales spend too much time chasing opportunities that aren’t’ significant enough to make a difference in sales results. The key is to move sales efforts to selecting higher-value targets.

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5 Tips for Preparing for the DECAMANUSA - 1 Ironman per day format

5 Tips for Preparing for the DECAMANUSA – 1 Ironman per day format

The challenges in the 1×10 and 1×5 DECA have well been documented by athletes over the years that have finish..

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2018 Tour Divide Thoughts, Highlights and Differences From Trans Am Bike Race

2018 Tour Divide Thoughts, Highlights and Differences From Trans Am Bike Race

It’s been two weeks since the finish of one of the hardest endurance events in my career – The Tour Divide and its finally starting to sink in. I have refle..

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Writing Your Personal Autobiography – 6 Great Benefits

Writing Your Personal Autobiography – 6 Great Benefits

Have you ever considered writing your personal autobiography? It might be inspiring to examine all the things that happened though your childhood and life. The ..

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  • “The first step in achieving a goal is setting a goal. The second step is taking that goal and turning it into reality. The third and most important step is to approach that goal with purpose and passion. Every ‘super star’ has a coach; every CEO has a board of directors, make Wayne Kurtz part of your team and you will never say “I wish I had”.

    Rocky Bleier

    Four-time Super Bowl Champion Purple Heart and Bronze Star Vietnam Veteran
  • “Wayne Kurtz’ has written the ultimate book and complete system for achieving your Goals – Everyone needs this book !”

    Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

    Olympic Performance Coach
  • “Wayne Kurtz is renowned as a multi-sport endurance athlete, author and entrepreneur. When he speaks – with ease and elegance – he commands an entire room with his stories, humour and recognition of others.

    His humility shines through in his conversations. Wayne is passionate about endurance sports, and his myriad world-class achievements reflect his commitment to his personal excellence. He inspires through his encouraging personality. He is a leader on the sporting field as he is in the entrepreneurial arena. He lives his core values of versatility, endurance, respect, resilience, and diligence.

    I recommend him highly for his speaking services.”

    Enrico Varella

    Managing Director, Enrico Varella & Associates.
  • “Wayne was a fantastic speaker at the KIWA Summit in Ecuador. He provides some key points that many of our attendees said were great takeaways. His stories are inspiring and can be directly applicable to entrepreneurship and leadership.”

    Ted Ning

    KIWA Ecuador Summit Conference Organizer
  • “It’s been a sincere pleasure having Wayne Kurtz speak at our Annual National Advisor Conferences in Las Vegas.   Wayne’s extensive global business background and insights to specific planning ideas has been beneficial to our annual attendees.

    His common sense approach and most importantly keeping the presentations interesting resonates with our audience to make sure they walk away with a few ideas that might fit with their respective clients.

    I would highly recommend Wayne to any organization looking for a forward-thinking impactful presenter focused on accountability.”

    Alex Nicholson

    VP, Pro-Seminars Ltd.
  • “Wayne brought forth the fundamental principles of goal setting to our staff through motivational stories, testimonials and action plans.    Our whole team was reinvigorated and excited to accomplish more on a professional level as well as a personal level.   The simple exercises Wayne has developed for goal setting and evaluation is a life skill that you can practice the rest of your life.”

    Patrice Matamoros

    CEO, P3R Org
  • “I look to Wayne Kurtz as the TOP Expert and consultant on Goals and Productivity. I have worked with Wayne professionally. He is an exceptional goal achiever and he lives what he teaches every day.”

    Dr. Joann Dahlkoetter

    Olympic Performance Coach
  • “Whether you are running your first 5K or climbing Mount Everest, setting goals is paramount to achieving your dreams. If you don’t want to look back on your life with regrets, Wayne’s book is the defacto inspiration you need to unlock your potential and push yourself outside your comfort zone!”

    Clay Abney

    No Boundaries PR (noboundariespr.com)
  • “Reading Wayne Kurtz’s personal story is enough to make me believe he knows how to set and achieve big, lofty goals. And then he backs up his experience with real, actionable steps to help you achieve your goals, too. Never Say “I Wish
I Had” is not a fluffy, rah-rah ‘you-can-do-it’ book. While it is motivating, Kurtz provides tools, worksheets and real-life examples as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set and achieve realistic, big, goals. It’s like having your own personal goals coach on every step of your journey to success.”

    Denise Wakeman

    Online Visibility Mentor, http://denisewakeman.com/
  • “I love working with Wayne and think his book is a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve great things! When Wayne spoke about his goal-setting approach at a recent training run, our runners wanted more!”

    Patrice Matamoros

    Race Director, Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
  • “Wayne’s new book Never Say “I Wish I Had” provides the template required to set and more importantly achieve your goals. It’s the roadmap each of us requires to ensure we arrive at our destinations. Coaching is required at every level of athletics, business and life. This book provides you that coach and the tools you need to be the best you can be.”

    Todd Kalis

    Eight-year National Football League (NFL) veteran
    President, Pittsburgh Chapter of the NFL Alumni
    Co-Author of Pigskin Dreams – The People Places and Events that Forged the Character of the NFL’s Greatest Players: www.pigskindreams.com
  • “It is no surprise that Wayne is as successful as he is in each endeavor. In his latest book, Never Say “I Wish I Had” 30 Days to Becoming Your Own Chief Goals Officer, Wayne Kurtz delivers a no-nonsense, approachable plan to achieve that which had up to now had seemed unachievable. We will include this book in our office library!”

    Anne Boyd Moore

    CEO and Executive Coach, Ty Boyd Executive Communications and Coaching
  • “Of the many books published each year on goal setting, only a tiny fraction have anything new to say. This is one of them. This is invaluable material and a must-read for anybody who cares about success in their lives.”

    Anthony Pappis

    V.P. of Sales, TriMark SSKemp
  • “Wayne Kurtz demonstrated his goal philosophy and formula beginning with our first professional encounter several years ago. Thanks to Wayne, we achieved that goal and others since. Business expertise, balance and passion for winning are added qualities that make Wayne a trusted, ‘go-to’ advisor.”

    Hugh Thatcher

    Vice President, Human Resources, MISA
  • “Once you’ve run a marathon (or two), you start seeing things in a different perspective. What if …? You get curious and motivated … Wayne’s book gives you lots of useful ideas, tips and good advice. After reading it you will feel like jumping into your sports gear and heading for your training in hope to reach your ultimate goal.”

    Judit Kulcsar

    International Marketing and PR Manager, Budapest Marathon Organisation
  • “Today, the world’s great adventurers look inward rather than outward for unexplored regions to conquer. Wayne Kurtz is such an adventurer, constantly chasing his own physical, emotional and spiritual capabilities to the very edge by
    tackling seemingly impossible feats of ultra- endurance. After years living in regions few dare explore, Wayne has returned with a map; this book is his invitation to view that map and chart the course to your own greatest adventure.”

    Will Laughlin

    Record-setting ultra-distance runner and founder of Nutrients.com
  • “Straight forward and informative, yet not without the love — the passion that is the race … Beyond the Iron is not only user friendly, but good-guy friendly — like having your best friend walk you through it.”

    David Moreno

    World-class yoga instructor
  • “An awesome reference for anyone interested
in ultra-endurance-based events! Wayne makes the thought of multiple iron distance events seem within reach for us all!”

    Ray Zahab

    Adventurer and founder of impossible2Possible
  • “Don’t do an Ultra-Distance Triathlon before you’ve read this comprehensive, experience-based book. Beyond The Iron will save you from a lot of mistakes and double your confidence of a successful finish.”

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Senior writer/editor, Competitor Group, Inc.
  • “Wayne knows the true pulse of the ultra-distance industry. Beyond the Iron is a must-read for athletes who are looking, training for, and competing in ultra-distance races. This book offers a complete training program and advice to getting into and through some of the world’s most challenging ul- tra-distance events. As a trusted colleague, I value his advice and wisdom and look forward to see-
ing more of Wayne in the news and in the record books. From the marathoner looking for the next distance challenge to the experience ultra-distance racer, this book must be on your book shelf!”

    Alix Shutello

    Publisher, Runners Illustrated, www.runnersillustrated.com
  • “Ultra triathlons have always been a bit of a mystery for triathletes. Here Wayne Kurtz unravels the mystery and helps you get on-track for going really long.”

    Joe Friel

    Coach and author, Triathlete’s Training Bible
  • “As an ultra-endurance athlete, coach and
sport psychology consultant I’m intimate with
the importance of building confidence through knowledge when taking on a new race project or wanting to up the ante in your existing program. By offering the intricate ins and outs of how to get to the start line of your chosen endurance endeavor, Beyond the Iron is an excellent launching point in building optimal confidence-building preparation. Thanks, Wayne, for offering this important book!”

    Terri Schneider

  • “Any individual looking to test their boundaries
in the world of ultras, first needs to have the knowledge and support of a dedicated and passionate expert that has been through it. Wayne Kurtz is that man for you and his book, Beyond the Iron should be your bible.”

    Graeme Street

    Creator of Cyclo-CORE Training, owner of Cyclo-CLUB.com and the host of the Everyday Cyclist Podcast
  • “For many athletes, a marathon or an Ironman Triathlon is the ultimate endurance event. But for some people those distances are just not enough. Wayne Kurtz’s book uses his years of competitive success and lessons learned to present training and racing tips for those who seek to go beyond the Ironman Triathlon. In the book, Wayne presents the history of ultra triathlons, information on how
to do on race day(s) including how to select gear, race strategies, and injury prevention and visualization techniques. The book provides a roadmap of about what to do, and what not to do, in your quest for the successful completion of an ultra triathlon.”

    Joe Jurczyk

    Race director, Burning River 100-Mile Endurance Run and founder, ULTRA discussion group
  • “I first got to know Wayne in 2006 at the inaugural 24 Hours of Triathlon. His perpetually sunny disposition revealed that he loved what he was doing and was doing what he loved. This attitude pervaded the race and proved infectious. In my experience, these are qualities essential to long- term success at Ultra-Distance Triathlons, as I hope you will discover for yourself!”

    Ian Adamson

    7x Adventure Race World Champion, 3x Guinness World Record Holder for Endurance Kayaking
    3x Eco-Challenge Winner
    ESPN X-Games Gold medalist,
  • “Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to complete what is sure the ultimate test
of endurance, the Ultra-Distance Triathlon? In this thought-provoking, well-written and extremely comprehensive bible on how to train and race the ‘ultra’ distance, author Wayne Kurtz shares his unique insights and experience in a book that is sure to help the aspiring ultra-distance racer. You’ll learn how to deal with the enormous mental and physical demands of the distance — and enjoy the process!”

    Al Lyman

    CSCS, FMS, creator of the functional strength and flexibility training system for runners- CORE (http://runner-core.com), and co-director of the Pursuit-Athletic-Performance Gait Analysis Lab.
For more information, go to http://coach-al.com, or http://pursuit-athletic-performance.com
  • “Right out of the gates, Kurtz, lays down the groundwork for all of us who come to the point
in our sporting career in which we ask the ques- tion, ‘What’s next?’ He embarks on a journey
that illustrates what challenges lay ahead of ‘regular-distance’ events, wrapping the imagina- tions, dreams and goals of athletes determined to push their own physical and mental boundaries
in with his passion for enduring the thrill of outdoor pursuits. Kurtz eloquently guides us through the process of making the transition from competing in events that we consider the norm to greater distance and modified format; all the while main- taining an excitement for the same sports that got us all started. Beyond the Iron is a must-have guide for any athlete aspiring to achieve the mental fortitude and physical conditioning that will bring us to that next level.”

    Joel Perrella

  • “Wayne and Beyond The Iron are both extraordi- nary. The talents, gifts and absolute grace make this book a journey we should all read and share. As a coach and endurance athlete myself, I have great respect, admiration and gratitude for Wayne and all he does to make the world a better place to live. Blessings!”

    Lisa Smith-Batchen

  • “For the person entertaining the challenge of going beyond the Iron-Distance, you probably know what it means to make a game plan. Wayne has taken his extensive knowledge in the art of Ultra racing and passed it on in a concise format laced with some entertaining his- tory about multi-sport. Because Wayne is able to refer to his own experiences, the reader is able to gain a perspective not achieved elsewhere, and hopefully learn from Wayne’s own trials and tribulations. This is a must read for anyone prepar- ing to step up to the next level.”

    Dean Warhaft

    Endurance Traveler
  • From the outset working with Wayne is enjoyable, informative and inspirational. He is a consumate professional in every aspect of his work. I had the pleasure of working with Wayne for 10 days in Brazil in 2014 and on another of other occasions in the UK. During this time, while we where filming for an investment opportunity in the agri investment space, Wayne was alongside us working with a number of high end clients. His knowledge of tax law is incredible and far reaching. The clients always enjoyed Wayne’s friendly manner and incredibly inspiring stories of competing in some crazy ultra run / marathon / of Ironman.

    I would highly recommend Wayne and his business.

    Robert Edmonds

    MD, NRG Digital Ltd. London, England

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