The Journey

Born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, I learned early on the power of books and being well read from my mom. It was just a mindset, when in doubt or not sure of the particular subject we ventured to the library to start researching. A special treat was to go to the local bookstore. This love of books has remained with me to this day.

Three Mind Mantra Quotes

“Try many things with plenty of Failure Risks”.

“If your friends and family don’t say your crazy with respect to your life goals then you have not set them high enough”.

“Every athlete has his or her specific goals and reasons for racing in whatever event he or she chooses; but
overall most would agree that the journey to the finish line is what resonates in most athletes’ minds.”


BS Finance/Math Robert Morris University Masters in Science – Taxation/Duquesne University Certified Financial Planner, Certified Performing Edge Coach

Married to my Greek Queen, Jan (Evania – Greek word meaning goodness) and it’s been an amazing ride with my best friend.

First Job

Oct. 19, 1987 (Black Monday Stock Market Crash) – Will never forget the
news reports of brokers jumping out of windows in NYC and Wall Street after the crash. Second Job was my best learning experience – selling life insurance door to door.

Worst Job

Head Lifeguard while in college and the privilege of “Head” lifeguard
required cleaning men’s and women’s bathrooms every few hours during busy times and the daily jump in the dumpster with fermenting food and alcohol to clean it every week.

Memorable Speaking Appearances

“Grinding Forward in Adversity”: Speaking at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland to 1,000 investment bankers and financial professionals around offshore asset planning with extreme sickness that ended with a 10 hour flight back to Vegas.

The first endurance race that started the lifetime passion – a 5K running race in 1986.

Plenty of failures but that one failure which I remember so well is purchasing an existing tuxedo rental business. The learning lessons of owning a retail store, long term leaases and trying to compete with the big companies selling cheap tuxedo’s for the same price we were renting them.

Some Winners
My great loyal clients, purchasing my first business (tax) and finishing the Triple Deca Ironman record race.
International Travel
Jan and I love to travel and we define part of life success by the places we see and the people we meet. We are “OCD” on travel.
Life Changing Moment
September 11, 2001. I had meetings in my office in Tower Two in NYC on Sept. 12th and just decided to fly in on the morning of the 12th vs. my normal Monday flight. Will never forget that tragic day and all the colleagues and friends from our company that were lost on that day.
Freedom & Flow are the key takeaways from running my own businesses. The biggest challenges have always been related to finding creative and entrepreneurial mindset team members. It’s always about building the has allowed a certain mindfulness that crosses over to racing.
The journey all stated with a consistent journaling practice that then launched to a content focused blog for endurance sports athletes to publishing 3 books.
Life Mission
Helping others as a coach, mentor and advisor and teaching children “Great Leaders are Great Speakers” school program with Run For Books Inc. 501c(3) organization.

My 7 Personal Principles


Fearless Exploration Daily


Take “failure” risks


Live and Focus on integrity and humility


Persist until I succeed with “flow”