“Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short”

– Henry David Thoreau

As an avid reader, lifetime learner it’s been one of the most amazing journey’s writing the books.

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to write.

How to Write Your Book

Write Your Book – No More Procrastinating

A book can launch a new business, and it can be a used as marketing tool for the new business launch. The book does not have to become a NY Times bestseller or at the top ratings of Amazon, to be considered a success. Success is defined differently for each author. What’s the average the total number of books sold for an author? We always here the number of 250, but my guess is that it’s much lower and closer to 100 books through my conversations with authors. Clearly, writing a book from an entrepreneur’s perspective is not about making money.

However, writing a book can clearly enhance “authority” status and personal branding.

5 Statements to Ask Yourself before Writing the book:

  • 1. Writing the book must be something you want to do for fun and the enjoyment of the experience.
  • 2. Don’t have expectations to write a book for the money.
  • 3. Write a book to launch your new brand or launch of a new company.
  • 4. Write a book if you want to explore possibilities of speaking and teaching – not-fiction/fiction.
  • 5. Write a book to help others – consider creative non-fiction.

I learned a lot while writing my books including the importance of adhering to deadlines. The number one lesson that most authors don’t want to hear is that they must take responsibility for sales and marketing. Marketing and Sales for successful entrepreneurs will not be as much of a challenge because of established brand, following of customers, partners and CRM.

If you are considering writing a book and looking for a concise blueprint including the process to implement with executed accountability then email me to discuss a strategy Through my personal coaching, step by step plan, and not just “normal tips”, unrealistic 3 month promises to write a book and information overload, our program will get authors from beginning to end by following the process.


  • 1. Building the writing plan, every aspect and must be viewed like a startup business.
  • 2. Holding to the timeline.
  • 3. Marketing and sales for results – building the brand.
  • 4. Dictaphone writing for time management – Comprehensive evaluation of the best tools on the market.
  • 5. Using a journal – handwriting written for creative writing.
  • 6. Tools to layout the chapters with the goal of focus and results.
  • 7. How to build the best press kit to get results, the template to use.
  • 8. Public relations – Daily steps outlined.
  • 9. Outsourcing Pro’s and Con’s and actually who to use.
  • 10. Book Tours/Plan – Why and how and REAL expectations.
  • 11. Building the book budget (worksheets step by step).
  • 12. Weekly focus videos to reinforce key topics.
  • 13. The top 3/1 rules – Get things done daily methodology.
  • 14. Most Important – Marketing and sales of the book to our customers not affiliate marketing but clear transparency.
  • 15. Blog writing is not like writing a book!

It’s a great journey to write a book! If you need ideas and thoughts please email me at for detail information about our Author coaching accountability program with the goal of helping you getting your book from start to finish!